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Abdul Kalam is a man who really motivates me: Meenakshi Dixit

May 01, 2016 Sumeet Mishra

AFTER making her Bollywood debut with P SE PM TAK, Meenakshi Dixit is now seen as Randeep Hooda's love interest in LAAL RANG. In an interview with us the actress spoke about how she got into the glamour industry, her inspiration in Bollywood and more...

Q. Having no background in Bollywood, tell us how did the idea of becoming an actor came to your mind?

A. I was a bright student in my school days and was very much active in dancing and other extra- curricular activities but I had not conscious thought of making career in bollywood, until I got selected for Saroj Khans, Nachle Ve with Saroj Khan. She started frequently putting this thing in my mind that I should also try for acting.

Q. You made your entry in the industry with NachleVe with Saroj Khan tell us how did you get that show and how it help in shaping your career?

A. The dance show with Saroj Khan actually boosted my career as the show became a huge hit. Post that I started getting calls for acting from various television channels. South director spotted me and they started approaching me for work so from there south happened. I think it was great platform for me at that point of time where I can learn, groom myself and then target for bigger things.

Q. You are a trained dancer in kathak and western dance tell us which is your favourite dance for?

A. I will not say I am a trained dancer. Dancing came naturally to me. It is something which I love and I took it as a hobby. I love kathak and classical form of dancing.

Q. Also you have done couple of dance item numbers in Telugu films which were very successful. Have you ever been approached for any Bollywood item number too?

A. Yes I have been approached for a Bollywood item number too but I would not name them. Also at this point of time in my career I would just like to concentrate on films. But in future if I feel like doing it then I will do it. Doing an item number in films in today times brings a lot of audience to you. You actually interact with audience through songs. It runs everywhere. People dance on your songs. Shayad picture dekhne nahin jaate hain sab lekin dance sab dekhte hain.

Q. Who do you find the most inspiring in Bollywood and why?

A. I recently read Abdul Kalams journey so he is a man who really motivates me. There are lot of Hollywood actors who came from Zero background and made it huge. Shahrukh Khan is another man who incentivizes me a lot. I really admire his success. He is man who made name for himself from scratch. He is a very well made man, very well spoken and with every day passing he is just growing. I think maintaining that stardom also is a huge thing. So to me Shahrukh khan and Abdul Kalam is a great inspiration.

Q. Is there any hidden talent in you that you always wanted to explore?

A. I have explored a lot of other thing besides acting. Not many know that I can sing really well. I have won plenty of awards for singing back in my school days. I am an athlete too. I was a very good athlete in school and college. I can cook and paint as well. So there are plenty of thing which I can do and people are not aware off.

Q. Name the kind of roles you would love to do and the ones you would never accept doing it?

A. Every actor wants to explore different genres and I am no different. I dont want to stick to a particular genre when it comes to acting. I would love to do different sort of roles and different type of biopics. I love romantic films too.

Q. Is there any specific actor from Bollywood, whom you want to work with?

A. I would like to work with Farhan Akhtar and Irrfan Khan.

Q. What qualities you like about this two actor?

A. Irrfan is a very polished actor. He knows his job well and is very prepared about his role. For Farhan i will say that there is a lot of honesty for what he does. When he did BhaggMilkhaBhagg he looked like a man next door. So that honesty connects.

Q. Which is the latest Bollywood movie which you have seen and your reactions to it?

A. I saw The Jungle Book and Fan. My reaction for Fan is very positive. I enjoyed every bit of that movie; also i really appreciate what Shahrukh Khan has attempted to. He is performed brilliantly. He has tried to do something, which nobody has done.

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